Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Screwed by Laurie Plissner

Title - Screwed
Author - Laurie Plissner
Genre - Young Adult, Family
UK Release Date - 31st May 2013
Formats - Hardback
Source - NetGalley
Synopsis - A story of teen pregnancy, with a twist, in which a young girl’s “values” trump her parents’ hypocrisy

Thrilled by the attentions of the cutest boy in school, math whiz and honor student GRACE gets pregnant the night she loses her virginity. NICK wants no part of being a daddy; and when she follows her deeply pious parents teachings and opts for adoption over abortion, they throw her out. Taken in by an elderly neighbour, GRACE falls in love with the old woman’s nephew, who stands by her through the pregnancy and birth. GRACE proves herself more honest and faithful than her family, giving up her baby girl, attending a wilderness camp on scholarship and enrolling in college – confronting her parents with the ways they abandoned her, confessing her love for CHARLIE, who welcomes her home.

I'm not a fan of this cover. It's a bit...meh. It was the title of the book that made me check out it's synopsis and it was after reading that, that I decided this book has got to be awesome. How wrong I was... It really was 'screwed in more ways than one'.

I felt so very very disappointed reading this book. After reading the synopsis I thought this would be a book that would pull at my heartstrings, make me blink back tears and make cheer on Grace to the point where I'd breathe in relief when everything worked out well. Instead I honestly couldn't give a shit about any character in this book.

This book was so boring and I found large parts of it annoying.
How Grace so easily switched between the way she called her parents Mummy and Daddy and when she thought about them they were Betsy and Brad.
How every character had their thoughts explained, even minor characters.
How the synopsis lied about Grace confronting her parents. She wrote them a letter and it wasn't even a good one.
When her parents chucked her out of the house she wasn't even homeless for more than a few hours. There was no struggle for her. It was all plain sailing. Don't even get me started on the rich lady.

This book majorly irked me. To the point if I'd bought it I would have repeatedly smacked it against something.

I wouldn't recommend this book to anybody. I really thought it would be a great book, it turned out to be nothing but disappointment.

0.5/5 stars. Can't even really justify the half star. I get really annoyed every time I think about this book. I wanted it to be really good and it wasn't. Gah.

Image and Synopsis via Goodreads. 

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