Review Policy & Contact Me

If you want to send me a book for review, you are more than welcome. But I have a few requirements/specifications.

I don't review Erotica. If you send me erotica, I'm just going to return it or try to pass it on.

I will take adult fiction if it sounds really good. Most likely if it's got some paranormal in.

I have already reviewed books that don't meet the above and below requirements but they're mainly author's that I've known before I started blogging. I will probably continue to do so too.

There's a 50% chance I'll review other genres. It really depends on my mood and if your synopsis is great.

I live in the UK, so if you're sending a book copy it'll cost more if it's international shipping.

I do review ebooks. BUT only if they're in the Kindle format. I can't stand reading ebooks in PDF format. I don't read on my computer or laptop I send everything to my Kindle and PDF settings just annoy me incredibly.  

At the moment I do take Indie books. I haven't experienced anything bad so far. I think unless something horrendus happens I will continue to do so. Only specific authors will be eliminated. It wouldn't be fair if I said no to all just because of a few bad apples. Plus one of my favourite authors is Indie.

To Contact Me, email me at; yaparanormalbooklover[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

About My Reviews
It may sometimes takes a while for a review to appear. Like stated in my About Me page I do have a job and it ain't reading books.

I do try to post a review as soon as I've read a book. That way I remember the likes and dislikes.
Also I write the truth. If I don't like your book, if it doesn't make me think WOW I will say so. Please don't expect me to lie.

In my reviews I state what my source is, so if it's an ARC I will say so.