Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Wicked Sense by Fabio Bueno #1 Singularity Series

Title - Wicked Sense
Author - Fabio Bueno
Genre - Fantasy, Paranormal, Teen, Young Adult, Witches, Supernatural, Contemporary, Romance
Source - NetGalley
Synopsis Witches inhabit our world, organized in covens and hiding behind a shroud of secrecy--the Veil.

Skye's London coven sends her to Seattle's Greenwood High to find the Singularity, an unusually gifted witch who may break the Veil and trigger a dangerous new era of witch-hunting. Things get complicated when Skye meets a charming new classmate, Drake. Skye's job becomes even trickier when she clashes with Jane, an intimidating rival witch.

Drake falls for the mysterious Skye, but odd accidents, potion mix-ups, and the occasional brush with death kind of get in the way of romance. Once he discovers Skye is a witch, he goes to war for her, even though his only weapons are a nice set of abs and a sharp sense of humor.

Fighting off wicked Jane and the other dark forces hell-bent on seizing the Singularity's immense power, Skye and Drake will risk everything to save the covens.

Going on a date has never been harder.

Wicked Sense was a surprising read. I originally requested the book because of the synopsis. It's been a while since I've read a witch-y book and Wicked Sense seemed like a good choice. 
But the paranormal isn't what I loved about this book. It was Drake. He was so...adorable, funny, charming and I pretty much loved him immediately. He had me smiling a lot and I was always disappointed when POV's were switched to Skye's. 

Skye didn't really do anything for me at the beginning. It was only after her near death experience she seemed to gain some spunk and she slowly started to grow on me. 

The author of Wicked Sense I think is fantastic. Rarely do I find characters in books that I wished I knew in real life. Drake and his two best friends seem like the perfect trio. The author made me enjoy the book not because of the plot, like I expected it to be, but the characters themselves.They're the reason I would recommend this book to teens, young adults and even adults like myself.  

Speaking of the plot. It was... I don't want to say it was predictable but the ending wasn't really a surprise. It doesn't really have a lot of twists or such but it was still enjoyable. 

My hopes for the next book; the author manages to keep the characters like they are now. A lot of times books with funny characters often loose there spark as the plot gets darker . I hope the author manages to keep a balance. 

Really looking forward to book two in the Singularity Series. 

Image and Synopsis via NetGalley

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