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Gift by Andrea J. Buchanan

Title - Gift
Author - Andrea J. Buchanan
Genre - Children's Fiction, Paranormal
Publisher - Open Road Media
Source - Netgalley
Synopsis - High school sophomore Daisy Jones is just trying to get by unnoticed. It doesn't help that she's the new girl at school, lives in a trailer park, and doesn't even own a cell phone. But there's a good reason for all that: Daisy has a secret, unpredictable power-one only her best friend, Danielle, knows about. Despite her "gift" (or is it a curse?), Daisy's doing a good job of fitting in-and a cute senior named Kevin even seems interested in her! But when Daisy tries to help Vivi, a mysterious classmate in a crisis, she soon discovers that her new friend has a secret of her own. Now Daisy and her friends must deal with chilling dreams and messages from the beyond. Can Daisy channel the power she's always tried to hide-before it's too late?

I think I would have enjoyed this book a lot more if I was 10-13. When I requested this book, I didn't quite catch the fact that this was a children's read. So I'm kind of proud of myself that I actually finished this.

This book had a pretty good start. I was just expecting/hoping for more fire power and I was a little bit disappointed with it, Not only did it take ages for it to even come up but she didn't really get to use it. I thought it'd be a lot more active but I didn't really feel like it was a huge part until the middle ending.

I also figured out the plot at around the second dream, expected with it being a children's read. But from that point on I felt like it dawdled a lot. I have to confess I did skip a little of this book. Near the middle. I didn't really think anything was happening. But I was surprised with the power switch at the ending. I wasn't expecting that, so that was a nice turn of events for me.

Character wise I have to say I think I liked Danielle the best, even with all her crazy mood swings. Daisy felt a bit...- goody-too-shoes and a bit bland. Vivi was just plane crazy and in lala land, so couldn't really connect with her at all.

One thing I really enjoyed about this book...was the extra content. To be more specific Vivi's input. The graphic novel version of this book, was SO much better than the actual written book. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if that's how fast the plot had moved.

This is definitely a book for the kiddies... so I'm not sure how I'm going to rate it.

For me at 21 it was a little dull and predictable. But me at 13, I think I would have liked it.

So I'm going to give it a 4/5

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