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Killing Models by Tatiana Moore

Title - Killing Models
Author - Tatiana Moore
Genre - Chick-Lit, Murder, Romance, Humour, 
Source - Own, Kindle
Synopsis - Voodoo. Murder. Betrayal. Wedding?

One of these things is just not like the others.

In two months, Estela will be married to the love of her life. She doesn’t have a dress, a venue, or invitations, but she’s positive things will work themselves out. Between planning her wedding and managing Moo’s career, she finds it hard to focus, and the knowledge that she’s killed someone—violently—is pretty distracting. 

She’s promised Caleb not to get involved in another murder investigation, but what if she’s the murderer? Certainly she should get involved then? At least to turn herself in? But then things get crazy and supermodels are being offed left and right. With Moo a little over seven months pregnant, she could already be next on the killer’s list! Estela knows she has to intervene somehow.

Protect Moo. Marry Caleb. She can do these two things at once, can’t she?

Determined, Estela hurries to conclude this murder business. Just as things start to get back to normal, she sees a side of Caleb that she never expected in a million years. It is a side that makes her question everything. Does she even know him? Does she know herself? Maybe there won’t be a wedding after all.

Killing Models is the fourth and final book in the Killing Memories series, and once again I devoured it. So many ups and downs, so many laughs, a few teary moments and I finished the book with a sad smile on my face.

I own all the books in the series which means I can re-read the books anytime I want but knowing there is no more new Estela and the gang adventures kind of breaks my heart a little.

In Killing Models there's another Serial Killer on the loose but this time the killer is only murdering models. Pregnant models to be exact. The first time I read the book, I didn't guess the killer, and I love that. Being able to predict the bad guy kind of takes the excitement away.

The Supermodel Killer isn't the only thing happening. Nope. We get to meet Caleb's ex! What a bitch! And he's a bastard! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I've tried justifying it, but twice? No! I knew it was coming, I've read the story more than twice but GAH! I'm still not over that betrayal and I still don't understand why. I certainly couldn't trust a person after they'd done that.... And I really wish Estela had punched her lights out... But then that's not Estela. Shame Moo was pregnant otherwise I'm positive she wouldn't have minded stepping in.

After all the excitement there's still the wedding to organise and execute. I did get teary eyed when Estela's mum decided to step in. Maybe it's because I understand what it feels like to be on the unhealthy side and having somebody whose supposed to love you treat you like that... It hurts.

The only upside to all the upsetting drama was Adam and Kyle. How they both came to the rescue, at different times, for Estela just makes me smile. I know Adam gets his own Happily-Ever-After. I really hope Kyle gets his own book too. He's a brilliant character even though he didn't really have a huge roll in the series. I'll always remember the 'Batman' scene. This series has created so many happy moments for me. Remembering any book always brings a smile to my face. 

All in all a fantastic book. This series just got better and better. So many ups, Adam was hilarious. Officially my favourite twin. So many downs, Carmen and Mariana and a murder investigation too! What more could a reader ask for? More books in the series!

I'm incredibly sad to see this series end. I think the above pictures say it all. I feel like I've lost a friend. An incredibly close friend.

The series might have ended for Estela and Moo but stay tuned for Adam and Daisy's story. Hostile Kisses.

5/5 Simply perfect. 

Images and Synopsis via Amazon, Tumblr and Harlequin

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  1. Another really thoughtful and excellent review! Thank you so much Sammy!!