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MORE by T. M. Franklin. #1 MORE Trilogy

Title - MORE. #1 MORE Trilogy
Author - T. M. Franklin
Genre - Young Adult, Teen, Fantasy, Contemporary
Source - NetGalley
Synopsis - Ava Michaels used to think she was special. As a child, she fantasized about having magical powers . . . making things happen. She felt different from others her age, and just knew she was meant for something important. But, like most kids, Ava grew up and eventually accepted the fact that her childish dreams were just that, and maybe a normal life wasn't so bad after all.

Now a young college student, Ava begins to wonder if there were more to her childhood fantasies than she thought. She’s haunted by terrifying nightmares of a frightening man chasing her, determined to catch her, to take her—a huge hulk of a man with one blue eye and one green. Even during daylight hours, there are moments her hair stands on end with an uneasy prickle of awareness . . . and she just can’t shake the feeling that she’s being watched.

Unable to decide if she’s imagining things or just plain crazy, Ava finds an unlikely ally in Caleb Foster, a brilliant and mysterious man who comes to her rescue as a Physics tutor, but in reality has another mission in mind. What he shows Ava challenges her view of the world, shaking it to its very core.

The thing is, Caleb’s not quite what he seems. In fact, he's not entirely human, and he's not the only one.

Together, the duo faces a threat from an ancient race bound to protect humans, but only after protecting their own secrets—secrets they fear Ava may expose. Now they’re after her, bent on her capture or maybe even her extinction.

Fighting to survive, Ava has to depend on Caleb to lead her through the strange new world opening up before her. A world of magic and mystery, where she learns she’s not
actually normal . . . she's not even just special.

She's a little bit more

This book exceeded all expectations. A fast-paced young adult book that I just couldn't physically put down. Ava and Caleb are an incredibly duo and by the end of the book well loved. 

I don't want to spoil the book for readers so I'll only say...If you ever thought about having super power when you were younger,or a fully grown adult, you will LOVE this book. 

I had so many flashbacks of when I was a teenager and used to wish I could move things with my mind whilst reading this book. Simply splendid. This book has managed to make me feel younger, not that I'm ancient or anything, but I want to read more books like this. Discovering you have super powers...*Shivers. How I envy fictional characters sometimes all the time. 

I have to be honest. The cover doesn't really do anything for me. It makes sense now that I've finished the book but it was the book blurb that made me click the request button, and how glad I am. I've finished book two as well, and I can promise readers that it just gets better and better. 

I really would recommend this to everybody. Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults... I want to say if you liked or loved The Guardian's Time Trilogy by Marianne Curley then you'll love this trilogy too.

Book 2 is The Guardians and is out November the 7th 2013. Review coming soon.

*Even though not completed The MORE trilogy has managed to make it into My Top 5 Trilogy. 

5/5 for Book 1 in the MORE trilogy. 

Book Cover and Synopsis via NetGalley. Image via Google.

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  1. Sounds great! I'll have to check this book out! I remember being a kid and wishing that I could read minds or move things with my mind.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction