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Hostile Kisses by Tatiana Moore

Title - Hostile Kisses
Author - Tatiana Moore
Genre - Contemporary, Romance, Adult, Funny
Source - Own, Kindle 
Synopsis - Daisy Harper is through with Adam Hood. They are officially broken up, which means no more funny business. She’s doing a great job of ignoring him—or so she convinces herself.

But all it takes to bring her reserves crashing down is one little question: May I kiss you?

When warned by her best friend not to sleep with him on the eve of a blood-red sun, Daisy fully intends to heed this advice. But when it comes to Adam, she’s never had much self control. One kiss is all it takes for them both to come undone. Sexy, demanding, and passionate, Adam wants her desperately. She feels the same for him, but can’t bring herself to say the three little words he wants to hear. Because of this, he’s the one to call it quits, and this time he’s not playing around. 

Daisy knows she belongs with Adam. Although she blames the omen of the blood-red sun, the truth is that she’s clutched in fear that the past will certainly repeat itself if she says “I love you.” So much could go wrong with these words. She must learn to trust herself and Adam or she really will lose him forever.

I wanted Adam to bid until he won me. But he didn't. 
Bids on his date have just started. I feel Abe's fingers curl tighter around mine as he continues to pull me away from the auction, but I linger despite myself. Amanda's bids jump quickly to four thousand and Adam raises his paddle and buys her for seven grand. There was no one competing with him.


"Wow! Scott drops my hand. "I don't think I've ever heard you say that out loud."

"I know," Adam calls as he looks over his shoulder at us. "It's nice, isn't it?"
I feel myself blushing as Adam winks at me. 

I originally wanted to quote a part of the book that made me chuckle out loud for a long time, unfortunately I realized it didn't really have anything to do with Adam and Daisy... So I picked out these two...

I love this book. I love this author. The whole book is amazing from start to finish, and I love more than anything the litle changes that made me love this book that little bit more. It's ridiculous, I'm ridiculous. I have never fangirled over a book, except this one. I just wanna squeel and squish something.

Hostile Kisses is Adam and Daisy's story. It's part of the Killing Memories series, but can be read as a stand alone.
I've read this book so many times, but it still manages to make me stay up way after my bedtime and it's the first thing I think about when I wake up the next day. I love how after so many reads it still does that too me.

If you've read the story before you'll notice the little changes. I loved these because it made me want to finish quicker. What else had changed? I miss Tuna Can although Chupito was a better fit because of the consistency and I loved how the nurse became more important and it wasn't more random characters appearing, that includes Amber. The author definitely knitted a more tighter story line.

I want more stories. I do. I don't want a maybe, sometime. I want a definite. Unfortunately these things can't be forced so fingers and toes crossed that we all get to read another book from the Killing Memories universe.

Readers can badger interact with Tatiana Moore at her BLOG and Facebook page.

5/5 - Another great book.

Image via Tumblr. Cover and Synopsis via Goodreads

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  1. Thank you for the great review, Sammy! :) I'm very impressed that you noticed the small changes!