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Demon Hunting in the Deep South by Lexi George

Author - Lexi George
Title - Demon Hunting in the Deep South
Format - ebook and paperback
Source - Netgalley
Synopsis - Demon-slayers, evil forces, and an uber-bitchy ghost . . .
Hotter Than A Demon In Panties
Evie Douglass doesn’t know what’s worse—the demons secretly infesting her small Alabama hometown…or human belle-from-hell Meredith Starr Peterson, who’s made her life miserable since high school. But when the “Death Starr” is brutally murdered and Evie is the number-one suspect, she’s suddenly besieged by the evil-not-dead-enough and Meredith’s furious specter. The only way she can clear her name is to get out from under demon hunter Ansgar’s grim protection. He’s blond, breathtaking, and the most lethal of all his kin, but after years of teasing, Evie is wary of anyone who swears her plus-size self is beautiful. However, having Ansgar all over her is sparking outrageous powers Evie didn’t know she had. And she’ll face any ultimate evil to keep this sexy slayer in this dimension and in her bed for all eternity…
Mature Content - 18+ only

So when I requested to a copy of this book, I had no idea that this was the third book in the Demon Hunting series. The previous are Demon Hunting in a Dixie and Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar. If I had known this I probably wouldn't have requested it.

I felt so frustrated whilst reading this book, and right now as I'm writing this review. It's very rare that I want to hit a particular chracter, but with this book, I want to hit both the main characters and not just a slap around the ears. I literally wanna shake them till they get brain damage.

This book is more about the two characters getting it on, and together. Than it is about the 'plot'. For instance around 1/5 of the way through the book Evie meets the misty-foggy demon in her bathroom. Obviously Ansgar saves her, but is she scared? Do they come up with a stratagy to protect her better?...No. They end up sucking face.

I'm so angry.

The only time Evie feels anything is when Ansgar is around...or leaves. Does she shake, cry, get shocked when she finds a dead body in her office? Hell no. Is she crying when she thinks Ansgar leaves her? Yes.

And Ansgar. Here I am battering poor Evie. What about the warrior from the different Dimension. His thoughts cheesed me off proper.
"Oh I shot her with my bow." Yes...to save her life you divvy!
"Oh she deserves better than me, we can't be together." Well go away and stop stalking her then! I know they're soul mates and everything, but he was so willy nilly. Not warrior-ish at all.

When they finally get together it doesn't get much better. The possessiveness, the love, fierce love. It got boring VERY quickly. Plus the dialogue, it was really hard to connect to the book when there were sentences there were just crazy talk. But it's not crazy talk, apparently that's how people in the South talk. I personally have no idea, I live in the UK. But that's what other reviewers have said.

Would I recommend this book? No.

Unless you like over sappy-ness. Repetitive emotions, and boring characters.


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