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Killing Monsters By Tatiana Moore

Title - Killing Monsters
Author - Tatiana Moore
Format - ebook
Source - Own, Kindle
Synopsis - If you have black, demon-like eyes, you must be a serial killer, so says Estela Ramos who just survived the overwhelming experience of being stalked and terrorized by a man declaring his undying love. She knew Dr. Pervo was creepy from the start and is now positive that she can identify a murderer just by looking at him.

When several young women connected to Christian Waller, the fiancĂ© of her friend Olive, are murdered, Estela is certain that Christian’s the culprit and that Olive, pregnant with his triplets, may be the next victim. Estela just has to prove it, which is hard when no one takes her seriously.

Given the choice to either have track down and bust a serial killer or have sex with her boyfriend, Estela would rather butt in to an FBI investigation. Although she’s madly in love with Caleb and has fun trying, she just can’t bring herself to seal the deal, and, quite frankly, feels a bit deformed. Why take a chance at another failed tryst in the sheets—or hay—when there is a serial killer afoot?

Ah, I'm in love. A platonic love, but love all the same.

I don't know what it is about this series, but every time I think about these characters or the plot. I end up getting a big fat cheesy grin on my face, and it's kinda hard to explain to people when they ask why.

I wish I had people like this in my life. They're so contagious. I never want the book to end, and that's kinda hard since the Kindle has the percentage completion bar at the bottom. Grr.
I tried so hard not to finish this book off quickly knowing that the next one would take months, but alas I couldn't stop myself.

One thing I do have to complain about though...NOT ENOUGH Adam! He's definitely my favourite character with Estela coming in a close second. He's a prankster, a tough guy with a semi-mushy interior, lol. In this book we saw a bit of emotion with him and I loved it. He's human. Yay! I don't think I'm ever going to forget the Shelly wets-a-lot doll moment, or the Twinkies.

This is the second book in the Killing Memories series, and I think all the characters have grown a little. Estela is no longer running or hiding from her problems. She's still sometimes unsure, but that's a human trait. I think everybody is scared of change or the unknown a little bit.
Moo is already a mother figure to Sandy. I can't wait for Sandy to get properly introduced. So far we've only heard about her and Caleb is no longer just the guy that will do anything to win over Estela. We know when he's angry or when he's sad. Even Estela's mother has grown a little, but is that going to last?

I absolutely cannot wait for the next book, Killing Momazillas. I think the author was a little mean leaving us hanging like she did... In the next book we're going to meet Estela's dad and his family. Plus there's going to be wedding preparations. Ooh the drama, and laughs to come. *squeal* Hopefully more Adam too, *hint hint* he's to naughty not to love.

A quick mention about the covers. They're perfect. Two books, and both covers have the right theme to promote their book. They fit in so well with the storyline. I hope the author is able to continue with this.

I would recommend this book to everyone who reads.
The characters feel so real, I'm jealous I'm not a part of their world.
The situations that Estela seems to get pulled into are hilarious.
The Hood family makes me feel incredibly envious. I want a family like that. Although they can keep the cows, horses and dogs.

Another great, easy read by Tatiana Moore.


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