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Jack & Djinn by Amber Sweetapple

Author - Amber Sweetapple
Title - Jack & Djinn
Format - Ebook and Paperback
Source - Own - Kindle edition
Synopsis - Miriam's life is a hot mess. Her boyfriend Ben is no longer the man she fell in love with, and he won't stop knocking her around. Every time she tries to leave him or stand up to him, she gets hurt even worse. Then one day she's saved by a sexy stranger named Jack. He's kind, handsome, and sweet: everything she could ever want and more. And he's determined to protect her at all costs. As her passion for Jack ignites, so does the rest of her body... But Ben won't give up his girl so easily, leading to a violent confrontation with deadly consequences no one could have predicted.

I won a copy of this book in a contest. It took me two sittings to read. I think I started on a Saturday and finished it the next Sunday morning. It was a very easy, none complicated, no twist read.

I really liked the starting. It started off with a dead body and Detective Carson poking the 'remains' with his pen. The story kept switching every chapter from 'Now' and 'Then'. I didn't really find that annoying, and I found it really easy to switch mind sets.

One thing I have to mention though is I only really liked two characters in this book, and they were Ben, and Gramps. Ben is the baddie. I know he's evil, completely vile. But that's what I liked about him. He MADE me hate him. And Gramps, well he just always brought a smile to my face, although the part where he punched Ben was a little unbelievable, but very amusing.

Miri, I don't know. Thinking about her character now...there were parts when I completely felt for her. Her dad dying, her mother being a bitch and her aunt an even bigger bitch, and then to top it off Ben. Sometimes what she thought and her actions just made me think WTF?
She has this awesome power, and even though she can't properly control it. She can summon it, but she's still weak. She still lets Ben treat her like complete crap and use her, and then still going back to him...That just makes me angry.

And Jack, he's nice. Comes out of nowhere, although you were expecting him... I couldn't really connect to him. Jack is human, although he's got the Second Sight, he doesn't believe in it. I kind of see him as weak. He willingly let his 'soulmate' his, 'The One' be with Ben. I know he wanted her to choose, not to force her. But knowing how Ben treated Miri he still left her alone when she wanted him to leave.

I swear if I could bang heads together, I would.

Would I recommend this book... for a holiday read. Yes. Is it going to be one of those books where you absolutely cannot wait for the next book to arrive...Meh.

When I was reading this book I liked it. Really liked it. But now I'm sitting down writing this review and having to think about the characters, I'm a bit... Grr-ish. The don't seem to bring that 'feeling' from inside me. And I normally cry over everything. Miriam was being abused and I didn't shed a tear or even mist up. And normally I'd probably be balling. Ben was the only one that made me feel what I was supposed to.

The second book in this series is already published called Djinn and Tonic. I do have it. I've started it, unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day. But I will post a review once I've finished it.
I'm gonna give this a 4/5. I know I spent most of the review saying this wasn't up to par or that. But like I mentioned before when I was actually reading it, time flew by. Just don't take the book too seriously. It's a fun read.

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